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Street Art in the middle of nowhere

We are an enabler of street art. We work with great vision and fantastic ideas. Our focus are WORLD ART CREATIVE DAY with LEON KEER, NORDIC STREET ART AWARDS and LJUSDAL - THE WORLD'S BIGGETS ART EXHIBITION

Ljusdal - The world's biggest art exhibition

As a part of transforming the whole small town of Ljusdal into an art exhibition  - on a scale of which has never before been seen, the street art gallery Norra Station will work as the very epicentre of bringing this idea to life. There will be exhibitions by the world's greatest street artists, workshops and other activities, all in the vein of what we are trying to achieve.

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Maria Norén

Mail: maria@norrastation.com 

Telephone: +46 76 80649 88

Charlie Granberg

Mail: charlie@norrastation.com

Telephone: +46 70 747 81 45

Julia Öhman 

Mail: julia@systrarnaohman.se

Telephone: +46 76 130 46 99

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