This is Norra Station


Street art in the middle of nowhere


Norra Station - Street art in the middle of nowhere

A little further away, a little further into the forest, Ljusdal, the Nordic Center for Street Art.

We work to develop urban street art and are driven by projects that reflect and develop society.

We are a creative node to show Ljusdal to the world and to bring the world to Ljusdal.

We run a different gallery, a street art room, we offer an experience!

We work closely with artists in the creative process.

We have a shop with art, merchandise and art material

We work proudly in various collaborations.

We give and create hope

We walk in love

We are a place for inspiration, power and opportunity

At Norra Station we work with great visions and fantastic ideas. Among other things, we are finalizing the creation of a Nordic Street Art Award and on the 2nd June, together with international star Leon Keer, we will have a world day of creation.

At Norra Station there are exhibitions, education and research, here is a place to create and be surrounded by street art. Fantastic!

What's happening

16 feburary 2019 - HIT & RUN starts with artist like Nuno Viegas, Tymon de Laat, Leon Keer and Hellstromstreetart to mention a few.