Amara Por Dios first solo show! More info coming soon...




14-17.00 on the following fridays:

October 12, 19 and 26

November 16, 23 and 30


We supply all materials needed! Come as you are! For everyone between 7-16 years old! NOTE: for the 26th of October, please book your arrival at slottehubben@ljusdal.se or 0651-185 37


Ett konstprojekt av Charlie Granberg & Maria Norén.

Bli av med gamla saker du inte längre använder!

Kom förbi Norra Station ons-lörd mellan kl 13-18.00 och dumpa av gamla plastleksaker, gummibåtar, plastförpackningar o.s.v. så skapar vi ett konstverk eller flera av det! Du bidrar till ett konstprojekt och räddar världen på samma gång!


Sweet Toof (UK)


Sweet Toof recently took the opportunity to escape the stress of East London and moved to the tranquility of the Swedish countryside.

He began painting graffiti in 1986. Saving a little of his lunch money, he could buy cheap spray cans and paint at night. After many years painting along Regent's Canal and while living in his art studio, he began studying art at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. When his studies were completed he continued to paint graffiti and is known as a ”graffoholic”. He is a solo artist but also collaborates in the Burning Candy Crew.

Sweet Toof’s signature is big white teeth on pink gums.

In his work, Sweet Toof combines historical and current cultural references to create unconventional art that is both traditional and contemporary.

In 2011 Sweet Toof was selected as one of three cutting-edge artists to create original, alternative artwork for the London exhibition of Cirque du Soliel "Safewalls"art project.

He also had his international breakthrough in 2010-2011 when he was invited to several significant exhibitions and street art projects around the world with other well-known street art artists such as Banksy.

Sweet Toof has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam and now in Ljusdal, Sweden.

The exhibition at Norra Station will show a selection of oil paintings, hand-painted ceramics and woodcut prints.

The exhibition runs until October, 28 2018.


Wild Drawing (Bali/Greece)


WD (Wild Drawing) was born and raised in Bali, Indonesia, and has degrees in Fine Arts and in Applied Arts. He started off as street artist in 2000 and has since then spent most of his time working in the streets, even though he never stopped working in his studio. He has carried out solo exhibitions and participated in group shows and graffiti/street art festivals in Asia, Europe and America. His East-West cultural background is combined in a unique way that makes his style so recognisable. He focuses on large-scale murals that realized with roller brush and spray paint. 

WD is always trying to interact with the spot where he is working, by incorporating various elements of it into his work, so that there is harmony between the mural and the spot where it was created. His work which is of realistic technique, often anamorphic, is influenced by comics, graphic novels and fantasy art while he's inspired by social phenomena, lifestyle, art or nature. 

What he loves about street art is the freedom of expression, the communication through his work with people and the chance he has to speak about the big issue of re-appropriation of the Public Space. These facts outweigh actually the ephemeral nature of his art. After all, if he was interested in making works that stand the test of time he would do canvas paintings only. Currently WD lives and works in Athens, Greece.

WD's exhibition will last until October 28, 2018.

Leon Keer (Netherlands)

Leon Keer is a world leading artist in the anamorphic street art. He has executed commissions in Europe, The United States, Mexico, The United Arabic Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russia, New Zealand, Australia and several Asian countries.

A message seems to be present in his work. Current issues are reviewed, such as current environmental concerns and the livability of this world. Leon Keer is constantly aware of the playfulness and beauty versus the degradation around him, a contrast that he expresses and amplifies in his work and which he uses as a metaphor for live. His paintings reflect his thoughts, confronting the viewer with the diseased spirit of our times, visible decay counter-pointing a timeless longing for unspoiled beauty.

During his career Leon Keer often presented his art by live-action-painting performances. His ability of performing as a street painter, lets him share the joy of painting with the public. The anamorphic paintings are temporary but the images are shared via social media all over the world. He says: ‘Every street art piece is unique and belongs to the street and its residents, the temporary fact about this artform strengthens its existence’.

Leon Keer's exhibition will last until October 28, 2018. 

Teg (Norway)

Teg is a street artist from Bergen, Norway, who has emerged from the underground and the graffiti environment since 2003. He has developed his own abstract style, with signature elements like shedding of paint and organic bubbles. In 2014, the focus has been on traveling in Norway and internationally to spread his colorful artwork around the world. To spread commitment and solidarity in disadvantaged areas. 

Vickan (Sweden)


Victoria is a 29 year old professional artist living and working in Stockholm. She paints both murals and on canvas, but regardless of the medium and surface, monochrome or gray scale motifs are a red thread. 

Surrealistic and dreamy scenery meets an interpretation of graffiti characters. Victoria originally comes from Boden in the northern forests, and in her paintings one can often see typical northern motifs such as deer and lavendel. The paintings for Victoria's exhibition at Norra Station is painted under the theme of "Head among the clouds".

Vickan's exhibition will last until October 28, 2018.